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Dear Friends,

We need your help to save summer camp!

Sign our petition and write a letter now!

For more than 20 years, Camp Northern Lights near Haliburton, Ont. has provided The Peer Project | Youth Assisting Youth with a home for a weekend a year so at-risk and newcomer kids from Toronto can experience the wilderness. For many kids, it is their first night sky, their first camp fire or their first swim in a fresh-water lake.

“Growing up as a kid, I never used to go camping or do anything like that because I came from the city,” says Charlie Lo, a Peer Project mentee. “I learned so many new things [at camp] – I learned how to swim there, how to canoe, kayak, and go cliff jumping.”

Unfortunately, the camp’s board of directors has decided to end their very generous yearly gift that gave so many kids an experience of a life time. Experiencing the outdoors can have a transformative impact on kids making them happier, healthier and more connected to each other.

Sign Our Petition

Please sign our petition. Please share our petition. This is a call to action – we need your help now! Help #SaveCamp

When we meet our goal of 1,500 signatures, we will submit the petition and any letters we receive in support of our goal to the board of directors for Camp Northern Lights.

Write a letter

Have you signed the petition? Want to do more? Then write an email or yes even a hand-written letter to us about why the board of directors for Camp Northern Lights should continue their very generous donation.


Mentors, in your letter let us know:

  • What impact has camp had on your relationship with your junior, and
  • How would you feel if camp was no longer available?


Families, in your letter let us know:

  • What has camp meant to you and your child, and
  • How would you feel if camp was no longer available?

Letter template

Here is a sample letter you can use to draft your letter/email.

Contact Information

Send your email or letter to the board care of The Peer Project at:

Email: [email protected]
Mail: The Peer Project
5734 Yonge Street. #401
Toronto, Ontario.
M2M 4E7

This year’s camp photos

Take a look at our gallery of smiling faces from this past summer’s summer camp.

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