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The snow kept coming, and we kept spinning. Thanks to all who showed up. This past Saturday (and Sunday!) The Peer Project hosted its Third Annual 24-Hour Spin-A-Thon.

That means a whole lot of good-hearted people dedicated their time and sweat to raising money for Peer Project kids. Twenty-four hours of time and sweat to be exact! That’s a lot of time. And if you’ve ever taken a spin class at Energia Athletica, you’ll know that’s a lot of sweat as well!
Noon to Noon

We had nine teams in the race, with some great names (Wheels of Fortune!). Things started rolling at 12pm noon on Saturday and we rode right through the night to 12pm noon on Sunday. Each hour we did take a small break and allowed our teams to swap out riders. Also, each hour we had a new instructor take the helm to guide (and challenge!) the next cohort of riders through the next hour.

This was not your Sunday bike ride in High Park. More like a full-on, give-it-your-all Tour de France training. The Energia Athletics instructors do not let up. There was burning legs and stretching involved!

We did have some prizes on hand, with a raffle at the end of each hour. One lucky winner even went home with a one-year membership to Energia Athletics.

Finally at 12pm on Sunday, the bell rang! Smiles, exhaustion, Champagne and OJ for those still standing.

Fun, Fitness, Success

The event was a lot of fun, a lot of fitness, and a great success. At the end of the day, the Peer Project raised an amazing $25,000. That gives us a total of $100,000 raised over the past three years. We think that’s pretty good!
Thank You!

Of course we couldn’t do it without so many dedicated volunteers, board members, staff and an army of fundraisers who care so much. A special mention to our Peer Project mentors, who registered their own team and kept a bike spinning for 24 hours. That is undoubtedly some true love.

This organization is full of good people who want to make a difference in the lives of kids.
Hosts With the Most

Also, a special thank you to our hosts: Energia Athletica. John and his team were exceptionally hospitable opening their doors for the weekend. If you’re looking for a place to take start your spinning, yoga, or kettlebell lifting, definitely check out Energia. Friendly and first class!

See you next year!

Our gallery of pics

spin-8 spin-7

spin-6  spin-4  spin-3

spin-5  spin-2

spin-1  cyclist at spin-a-thon

Top 5 Fundraisers

  • Lawrence Hughes
  • Kathy Bodnar
  • Trevor Scanlan
  • Nora Brooks
  • Marcos Ramos

Top 5 Team Fundraisers

  • SpinMasters
  • Sit & Spin
  • Carpe Diem
  • The Wheels of Fortune

Our Generous Sponsors

Why Fundraise? Why Do We Need Your Support?

We have more than 450 kids on a waiting list to be mentored.

These funds helps us find youth mentors to help these kids out. Kids who might be at-risk, kids who just need a friendly face and positive role model in their lives.

These funds also help us support our existing mentors and our support workers who are out there making a difference in kids lives everyday.

You can still donate anytime to The Peer Project. We appreciate your support, so do the kids we help!

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