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Are you ready to be empowered? Are you ready to make a difference? Join the Empowerment Project!

Create Positive Change For Yourself and Your Community

Are you 16 to 29? Then take part in meaningful volunteer service opportunities, learn new career skills and leadership abilities that inspire you to get involved and make a difference in your community.

The Empowerment Project (TEP), funded by Canada Service Corps, offers youth (ages 16 to 29) the opportunity to volunteer, get involved and create positive change for themselves and their community. Build new skills and leadership abilities. Meet and collaborate with peers. Develop activities to support at-risk youth where you live. You’ll have the chance to participate in skills-based workshops, receive comprehensive training, build your network and mentor youth in your community. TEP provides an enriching volunteer opportunity and valuable community service hours that contribute to personal growth, professional development and success.     


• Enhance your resume, build relevant job skills and gain community service hours.
• Be a part of the Steering Committee, Focus Groups, and build your network.
• Co-design and implement Group Mentoring activities for local high risk youth.
• Participate in Group Design sessions and co-create our Leadership Program
• Participate in FREE events, Leadership workshops and in-depth training.

Youth who volunteer with The Empowerment Project will gain confidence, improve mental health and increase awareness of civic engagement and volunteerism. Help to develop events and activities for local youth and become a peer mentor. You’ll gain knowledge, skills, connections and experience that will strengthen your character, your resume and your career. 

Did you know that 85% of hiring managers will overlook resume gaps and flaws when candidates list volunteer work on their resumes? In fact, volunteers are 27% more likely to get hired than non-volunteers. Volunteering as a youth peer mentor in our program can change your career and your life! You’ll gain invaluable critical thinking skills and leadership abilities that every employer is looking for, while also having a positive impact on the life of your mentee. 

Become a mentor for a youth in your neighbourhood
Dedicate 3 hours a week for one year
Be a positive role model
Change a life

Sign Up Now! For more info contact [email protected] or phone 416-932-1919



Jane and Finch

Denny Mangal 647-636-4555 [email protected]


Vera Lynn Petkovski 647-888-8646 [email protected]

Crescent Town Rep

Sarah Wilmot 416-268-5154 [email protected]